ayo_garden.jpgI remember there is a saying, "Having a hundred friends is too few, but having an enemy is too many." It shows how important it is that a person needs friendship with others.

In fact, friends make your life more enjoyable and meaningful. When I was in Burma, I had too much spare time to hang around with friends. They made me laugh, gave me fun, and taught me many things. The common place where friends can meet together is 'tea shop'. We talk about women, soccer, politics, music, and all stupid things. We laugh loudly and we forget everything. We play guitar and sing songs. I can say that time was totally freedom for us.

I had about half dozen of very close friends. Those friends in the photo on the left are my good old buddies. We were raised from same neighborhood, attended same schools from elementary to college, and swam together in Ayarwaddy river. We had a lot of fun. Four of them are abroad now.

Most of my friends got married, and a few of them have kids already. Although we are separated and living in different areas in the world, we still have contact with each other. Hoping one day, we can make a plan that all my old friends can meet somewhere together.