About Me

My name is Bruce, and I was born and raised in Myitkyina. When I was young, I liked reading a lot of comic books, listening music, and playing guitar. I did not have any specific goal at that time. When I grew up, I wanted to be a famous musician, a writer, and a scientist. Nothing has come close to me so far, and I am still surviving with a happy family.

When I finished high school and before joining a college, I wanted to take Engineering major. For some reasons, I was not allowed to take that major. So I took Physics and got a Bachelor degree in 1994. Life is unpredictable. I tried to get into the AIT(Bangkok) school, but I failed. I applied for admission to a school in Taiwan, but I was rejected.

Finally, I am in the USA now. I do not know what will happen next. I always try my best, and I accept any result happily. I just enjoy everything I am going to face. I like traveling, writing, reading, taking photos, listening music, watching movie, doing web design, learning, and discovering new things. Life is beautiful.

family_group.jpg-family_photoMy parents

My father, Peter, graduated from Yangon University in Physics, who was a teacher before he became a businessman. My father was a great teacher, and well-known for his teaching in Math and Physics. He got many students and all of them love him. He is a gentle, bright and very wise man. I'm always amazed by his so many poems especially for children.

My mom, Gwen, is a very supportive, energetic, and hard working woman. Without her courage and support, I couldn't have come to USA. I am very proud of to be their son, they are the greatest in my life.

Brother & Sisters

I have two lovely sisters and one handsome brother. The elder sister, Lois, graduated in Physics, and the younger sister, Chloe, recently finished her medical school in Mandalay. She is doing practical field in Yangon. The youngest brother, Clark, is studying in his second year in Geography major. Now he is taller than me.

wedding2.jpgMy wife

Her name is Vicki. I met her at Mandalay University. She is from Shan State. Later her family moved to Mandalay. She is a pretty, smart and talented lady. We traveled a lot inside Burma, and had a lot of great times.

We got married after eight years of good relationship, and she joined me in the US two years after I arrived. Without her love, understanding, support, and kindness, I could not have survived in the United States. I love her so much.