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Myitkyina Degree College

It is located at Si Tar Pu township, about three or four miles from downtown Myitkyina. It is a small paradise for college students who come from different cities in Kachin State. Just another three miles away from the school, there is a place called "Myit Sone" where people go for picnic and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

I studied at the college from 1986 to 1990 before I transferred to Mandalay University. The time I spent at Myitkyina Degree College is unforgettable memory. I got a lot friends, had a lot of fun, and fully enjoyed my student life.

Later, the name MDC was changed to Myitkyina University.


At the time I was at the college, there were about six canteens where all the students could enjoy different kinds of delicious foods. My favorite canteen is U Ma Khaw's shop where me and my friends used to eat "Ta Min Tote". It was yummy.

We became U Ma Khaw's regular customers. Even after I finished my degree, sometime I visited to the college to enjoy U Ma Khaw's food. Canteen is also the place where we kill time, and chatting with friends when(most of the time) we skip classes.

Si Tar Pu Bridge
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All the students from downtown Myitkyina have to cross "Si Tar Pu Bridge" before get to the college. We call it because the bridge is in Si Tar Pu township. Actually, it is a very short bridge. There was a small hut right before the bridge. In that tiny hut an old lady sells "Bane Mont", a Burmese traditional food which is very good. Every day our group stopped by that place eat some "Bane Mont" with hot tea.


corridor_mdc.jpg-group photo 2College student life in Burma is very interesting and lovely. So student life at Myitkyina College has its own style and tradition too. Most of the students use bicycles go to the school. The students from other towns such as Moe Kaung, Moe Nyin, Ba Maw, Ho Pin, etc live in student dormitories.

Some students who could not get into college dorm live in private hostels nearby the school. Normally, class rooms are big and crowded. A few class rooms can have about two hundreds students. If you sit at the back rows, you probably can't hear what the instructor is talking about, and you can't see what he or she writes on the black board.

Students are very friendly and kind. There are many student organizations such as Kachin Students Organization, Shan Students Organization, Chinese Students Organization, and all majors organizations. They used to do "Fresher Welcome", "Fare Well", and many picnics.

Men playing guitar and singing song in front of women dorm at night is a beautiful traditional Burmese student life. Usually, women dorms close at 6 PM, and private women dorms close at 8 PM. So at night, you can see many small groups of men sitting on grass in front of women hostels: in front of entrance gate, behind the tall fence, playing guitar and singing song.

They sing the whole night in darkness under the light of the moon. Inside the women dorm, some ladies might be listening, but some might be sleeping. Sometimes, for showing their appreciation, women do some signals: open windows, turn on lights, and throw snacks to the guitar players. I passed many sleepless nights with my friends singing in front of our favorite women hostels.