Burmese students’ graduation party (May 23, 2003)

After driving on 3rd street for a couple minutes and took a right turn into Folsom street, I could see a big sign board, Canton Restaurant, on my right side. I noticed both sides of the street were packed with cars. Luckily I found a parking space near by and I parked my car. As soon as I came out from my car, a soft Karaoke song is whispering into my ears. The cold breeze was softly touching my face. The time was about 10:30pm and I knew a big party was going on at Canton restaurant. Before I entered the restaurant, I was trying to make up my mind; should I go inside?

In fact, it was a few hundreds of Burmese students from City College of San Francisco having a party: celebrating their graduation tonight on this May 23, 2003. Family members, friends, and co-workers were invited. My wife, Than Than was among them accompanying her good friend, Taung Taung Myint, who finished her Associate Degree today.

The only reason I was there was to pick up my wife at the restaurant after she called me saying she was ready to leave. So, I was there in front of the restaurant at around 10:30pm. I called my wife to let her know that I was already here. She replied me with a surprise. I was told that some of my old friends wanted to see me, and my wife asked me to come up to their party. I was hesitant for going up for a few seconds. When I learnt who they were, I decided to go up stair to the big party.

I was so delighted to see some of my old pals. We haven’t had contact quite for a while. They looked grown up a lot and very mature. I was very pleased to hear that they both are doing well at their schools, Arizona State University and California State University, Chico.

At the same time, I got the opportunity to meet some other friends as well. I was so happy to see so many Burmese students having fun and enjoying their graduation party. There were performance; dancing, music, magic show, and etc. It was such a beautiful scene and the happiest time for students. I can feel it and I have gone through it. I am also glad to let my wife have fun and enjoy the student’s life again.

I was not invited to the party but it happened that I witnessed the Burmese graduation party. I feel good and I feel good for them. Keep it up NEW GENERATION.